Rejected Salvation

Headlines 26-29 May 21PN

New Dawn Scientist

26 May 21PN
New organisation of hyper intelligent Actives, Valkyrie, forms to eradicate cancer.

The New News of the World

26 May 21PN
Criminals strike a new low! Puppy-napping spree strikes fear into the hearts of pet owners.

Coffee Break! Daily News

27 May 21PN
“Super” Model, Vanessa Shay, leaves the cat walk to join female Super Group, Valkyrie. Husband, Percy Dellerro, files for divorce.

FastFeed: Real News for Real People! Online

28 May 21PN
Not all Active powers are glamorous. Meet one man in Italy who struggles to stay away from garlic, sunlight, and holy objects on a daily basis!

Fourth Dimensional News: Reporting the Truth on This World and Beyond

28 May 21PN
Stan Lee, Marvel Comics super star, reported seen on beach in Italy, despite alleged death 15 years ago.


stealthH Kerrima

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