Rejected Salvation

Headlines 30 May 21PN

The Millenium Times

30 May 21PN
“New News of the World” Boss, Michael Sandburns, resigns in face of phone hacking scandal
Sport Section: Telekinetic Athlete, Amanda Fulrum, disqualified from European Championships due to accusations of the athlete using performance enhancing drug: Indigo Carmine

New Dawn Scientist

30 May 21PN
Russian scientist, Iosif Katayev, begins research into human origin: “To establish an understanding of the human potential, we must understand our origins. The purpose of my research is to take a new look at Mitochondrial Eve, knowing what we know now about human Activity.”

Coffee Break! Daily News

30 May 21PN
“We knew she was going to be smart before she was born” – Mother claims baby kicks were in Morse Code.

The New News of the World

30 May 21PN
There are no articles for today. Only a notice stating that the writers are on strike in protest of Michael Sandburns’ resignation.

Fourth Dimensional News: Reporting the Truth on This World and Beyond

30 May 21PN
4DN Exclusive! Interview with Atlantian diplomats who were rejected an audience with the World Council when they asked to be a recognised nation.


stealthH Kerrima

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