Millenium City

The Millenium City project was begun with the intention of creating a town which could supply the needs of its residents whilst also having room to grow as dictated by economy, technology and the changing requirements of industry. Following the Nemesis Asteroid Incidentasteroid-earth-2324211.jpg and the rise and fall of the Terror Mind the Project was expanded to hold those displaced by the destruction. This has put a certain amount of strain on the cities’ infrastructure, as well as bringing unintended social conflicts.

City Hall is currently presided over by Mayor Vincent Cochelli, and its police overseen by Commissioner Kendra Wise. The Mayor is a second term official, while Commissioner Wise is new to her position and eager to prove the appointment justified.

Locations Within Millenium City

Gold Park Care Home

Corporations In Millenium City
Exodus Legal
Panopticon Inc
Paradyne Defence Systems

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Millenium City

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