Rejected Salvation

Headlines 3-4 June 21PN

The Millenium Times

3 June 21PN
NHS Launches Investigation After Study Shows A Rise In Pre-Natal Infant Deaths
Sport Section: Shane Drake vows to bring down Jason Mastiff in one round

4 June 21PN
Australian Supermax overrun by native wild life. International Cloud Travel suspended until GENESIS intervention

New Dawn Scientist

4 June 21PN
Latest Air Pollution studies show improvement in air quality since Nemesis incident

Coffee Break! Daily News

4 June 21PN
“Adulthood is like looking both ways before you cross the street, then getting hit by an airplane.” Mina Shade Talks About Life After Nemesis In Exclusive Interview With Teen Actress

FastFeed: Real News for Real People! Online

3 June 21PN
“I had no idea that something so small would end up changing my life.” Woman discovers that in the moment after swerving to avoid a squirrel, this squirrel pledged it’s life to her. In her darkest hour, here’s what happened.

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The New News of the World

3 June 21PN
Woman Sues Cosmetic Company After Pheramone-Based Perfume Ruined Her Life

4 June 21PN
International Cloud Travel on lockdown due to Active Prisoner Riots


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