Rejected Salvation

Headlines 5 June 21PN

The Millenium Times

5 June 21PN
“I’m from the future and Christianity will destroy the world.” Deranged Killer Pleads Insanity In St Paul’s Massacre case
Sport Section: Blue Birds turn on style with second half dismantling

Coffee Break! Daily News

5 June 21PN
“It was just a prank call. How was I supposed to know what “Cheese Pizza With No Crust” meant?" University Student Unknowingly Cracks Euphoria Drugs Case

FastFeed: Real News for Real People! Online

5 June 21PN
33 Chairs That Look Like Titan

The New News of the World

5 June 21PN
“I mean, it’s right there in his name, Force of Nature.” Citizen takes up legal case to have Insurance company classify GENESIS Hero as a natural disaster to pay out for damage to his home


stealthH Kerrima

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