High speed flying speck of light


A man in an armoured suit that allows him to shrink to about an inch tall and fly though he glows when he does so.


Little is known about the now vigilante that prefers to go by the name of Tracer. A little under a year ago he registered himself with Genesis as a hero who’s armoured suit allows him to shrink down to the size of a bullet, glow and fly at high speed but in the aftermath of his 1st official action as a hero foiling a bank heist a journalist called out “Hey Tinkerbell, can I get an inter….”.

Unfortunately the journalist didn’t manage to finish the request as Tracer went into a blind rage and attacked him, resulting in the hospitalisation of the journalist. Tracer pulled himself out of the red mist before he killed the journalist and flew off and has operated as a vigilante ever since.


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